At Atelier entre 2 mondes, there is nothing standard!

We are Chanelle Gagnon Robert and Danika Delorme. Two passionate artists, go-getters and 100% self-taught in the pursuit of a dream. Two best friends who dare to break society’s standards to live our lives freely, in fun and most importantly, in our own way.

Founded in 2017, Atelier entre 2 mondes is the junction between our two completely different worlds. It is also our limitless place where anything is possible.
Our mission is to create family artworks that can stand the test of time and be passed on from generation to generation. We want our works to be more than just paintings and to become a memory with sentimental value for those who own them.

We also want to inspire people to go for their dream life, whatever their situation. Let our works remind them that, when it comes to our dreams, we are our only limit. Dare to dream big! By purchasing one of our paintings, you are participating in our dream.

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