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About us

About us

Oddtokens is an artistic complex based on comic, anime and collectibles. We are passionate entrepreneurs based in Canada. It all started with the passion that we share for pokemon cards and for art. Our mission is support artists by promoting their work to our constantly growing platform and fanbase. Oddtokens also helps collector to obtains exquisite and rare pieces for their collection.

Our HQ located in Gatineau, Quebec supports the local community by offering a warm and friendly environment for anime enthusiast and artists of all ages to gather during events and workshops.

Featured Artists

Picture of the artist Phil the art

Phil the art

Graffiti master
Picture of the artist Valechose


Anime Fan art expert specialize in finding specific cards for collectors. We have years of experience in collecting cards and we have an exclusive network of Pokemon card traders. If you are looking to add that extremely rare card to complete your collection, reach out to us and we will find it for you.