Card grading

30 Business days

$ 39
99 /card
+ taxes
  • 10 cards + GET 10% off

90 business days

$ 24
+ taxes
  • 10 cards + GET 10% off

Why we use MNT for our cards grading?


We are the modern choice for the modern collector, striving to go above and beyond to meet all of our customer’s needs.


MNT uses the highest quality plastics in the industry

MNT slabs are not imported. All slabs are created and produced in North America

MNT graders come with a wealth of experience in the hobby industry

MNT ensures that all cards are graded on equal footing with honesty, integrity and consistency amongst all our experts


All MNT slabs, which are sonically sealed, create a tamper proof encasing to keep your cards secured

The secondary market has proven that a higher graded card shows an increased value compared to non-graded cards

Have the comfort of knowing the exact condition of your cards through our grading scale


All grades are based on a 10 point scale with increments on a 0.5 numbering system i.e. 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5.

A Flawless 10, with all sub- categories graded 10 will be marked on a special cracked ice black label

A Pristine 10 will be marked on our special cracked ice label

A graded Mint 9 to GEM Mint 9.5 will be marked with a gold label

Any graded cards receiving near-mint+ 8.5 or lower will be marked on a silver label

MNT will grade your cards on 5 potential weighted categories: centering, corners, edges, surface and inner window (when applicable)

MNT will grade the autographs (when applicable) separate from the rest of the categories giving an overall grade out of 10