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Oddtokens Art school

Odd tokens Art school offers group class and private for Arts enthusiats that want to learn and improve their skills. We offer in person group classes(french only for the moment) and virtual workshops ( in both languages). We have a palette of different classes that will suits your taste and will make your day brighter!  Express your creativity and join the oddtokens family now ! Classes sell out very fast so book in advance! 

Forfait Mensuel

Cours de dessin (Mai)

Programme de 4 cours

Commence le 10 mai

Cours de murales et Graffiti (Mai)

Programme de 4 cours

Commence le 16 mai

Private Classes

Enjoy a private class with one of our art teachers, we offer a variety of different private class for many different art style. You can book for 1 on 1 time, private date night for couple or even private events with a group of friends with any of our teachers! We also offer  corporate retreats for company that would like to refresh their team’s creativity and team spirit! 

Class schedule